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Video Coaching

 No local instructor? No problem! 

If you already have some experience of Philippe Karl's principles of Légèreté and find yourself getting stuck, wondering if you're doing the right thing or wondering what to do next then Video Coaching with Licenced Teacher, Derek Clark, is designed exactly for you. 


What can Video Coaching do for you?

  • A great way to get unstuck and start making progress again
  • Make sense out of overwhelm - Derek has a knack for spotting just what people need to help them move forward
  • Identify the 20% to work on that will bring you 80% of the results you're looking for
  • Identify the one thing you can focus on to move beyond your current plateau
  • Keep on track - Derek will help you understand the big picture and where you need to focus next
  • Instant solutions - find out what to do when an exercise just won't work


How does it work?

  • Take a short video (eg 10 mins) highlighting the issue/question with which you want Derek's help
  • Upload your video to YouTube (it's easy - we'll send you instructions and no one will see it but Derek) 
  • Derek will review your video and arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss his advice with you via Skype. 


What does it cost?

Video Coaching is £47.00 per session which includes:

  • Review of your video and diagnosis of your issue
  • Up to 30 mins Skype call with Derek to discuss his recommended solution and answer any questions you may have



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