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Clinics with Birgit Jacobs

Open clinics with Birgit Jacobs, Licenced Instructor of Philippe Karl's School of Légèreté

birgit evita

  • Progress in your schooling
  • Solve riding problems
  • Develop your own tailored plan using horse-friendly methods 
  • Open to riders at any level from any discipline

Why you should attend this clinic

birgit evitaBirgit was raised in a family of professional riders. Her early career was spent competing successfully in all riding disciplines and she qualified many young three-day-event horses for the German state and national championships.

Her main focus, however, has always been classical dressage and after gaining her professional rider’s and master’s certificates from the German federation, she continued her education by visiting the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and training with Chief Rider, Johann Riegler, at his private stable.

In 2004, Birgit was selected as one of the candidates for Philippe Karl’s first instructors’ training course in Germany together with her home bred mare, Evita. She passed her exam in 2007, adding the title of Licenced Instructor of the School of Légèreté to her already impressive list of achievements. Since then, Birgit has continued to further her training with M. Karl in advanced courses 3 times each year.

As a full-time professional instructor, Birgit gives regular lessons and clinics in various locations in Germany, Austria and Portugal with heart, soul and sensitivity. Her teaching is based on a careful analysis of each individual horse and rider.

Birgit chooses to follow Philippe Karl’s way of schooling because as she says, "it takes into consideration both the physiology and the psychology of the horse and therefore corresponds to my own holistic understanding of the relationship between horse and rider".

During each clinic, Birgit puts her skills and experience to work helping a variety of horses and their riders progress in their schooling or solve riding problems to produce calm and happy combinations, whatever the level of rider and however ’unsuitable for dressage’ their horse may appear!

How the clinics are organised

Each clinic runs over 3 days with a maximum of 8 participating riders:

Day 1: 8 x Individual 60' lessons + evening theory

Day 2: 8 x Individual 45' lessons + 2 x group lessons (e.g work in-hand, jumping, etc) 

Day 3: 8 x Individual 45' lessons 


At the end of the clinic, each of the riders will be given advice on how to continue to develop what they have learned in their own practice back at home.

What previous participants say

"A fabulous 3 days of huge learning! Birgit is wonderful and I'd like to ride again on any future clinics with her. And can't thank Jo, Derek and team enough for their hard work in organising such a well run event." Jane Charlton

"Thanks to you and all your staff for a fantastic clinic!" Kat Layfield

"Derek and Jo thank you so much for organising these clinics, they just run so well. You make us feel so welcome and it all seems to run so smoothly, a great atmosphere for learning in." Christina Coltrini-Magowan

"I had a really lovely time and the camaraderie was wonderful. Such a supportive group of people. Birgit is so nice and such a warm personality " Alex Weston

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Derek, Jo and team. Birgit’s clinic was fantastic. As always a wonderfully organised and welcoming environment. This stuff works - even for me!" Audrey Gibson

"I just wanted to thank you both for a great clinic again. Please let me know the dates for Birgit's clinics next year, I will definitely reserve a place!"
Tina Griffen Lloyd

"Big thank you to Derek and Jo for organising this clinic, had a fab time and learnt loads. Big thanks also to everyone else there for making it so much fun and for sharing so much knowledge. As well as Birgit of course for the many and varied lightbulb moments!"
Helen Hill

"Well, what a fabulous clinic!! We loved every minute of it (esp the night out and lovely grub and company). Thanks to the "Holistic Team" as ever."
Becky Brennand

"Becky and I would also like to add our thanks to all concerned. We had a great time and can't wait for the next one"
Eileen Hanson


What if I'd like to participate?

Clinics will be held at The Holistic Equitation Centre on the following dates in 2019:

Feb:    1 - 3  Postponed til 8-10 March! (Fri/Sat/Sun)  

May: 31 - June 2  (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Oct:  25 - 27  (Fri/Sat/Sun)


Riders and spectators may participate in any individual clinic without any further commitment.

Costs:   Riders: £360 (not including livery charges)
              Spectators: £35.00 per day or £90 for all three days 

There are several good local B&B possibilities plus a number of hotels that do offers (please ask for our list when booking your place). If you need to keep costs down there is some parking for horseboxes and riders/spectators may also pitch a tent and camp (both by prior arrangement, please!). We have kitchen and toilet facilities available for use but no shower.
Lunches will also be available if ordered in advance. To order meals, please contact us after making your booking below.

Book your place here


RIDERS please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to check availability

SPECTATORS: Please click the button below to secure your place 


Fri 25 - Sun 27 October 2019
Please specify which day(s):


Alternatively, you can send a cheque for the appropriate amount (made out to School of Legerete Ltd, please) to the address below. 

School of Légèreté
Holistic Equitation Centre
Grange Farm Stables
NN11 3TQ



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