Make more rapid and more consistent progress in your riding and training AND have a happier horse.

Jo Clark riding Magic
Jo Clark with Magic
Derek Clark riding Chloe
Derek Clark with Chloe


  • Are you stuck, failing to make progress or having problems with your horse?
  • Do you feel frustrated, unsure of what to do next or even doubting whether you're doing the right thing in the first place?
  • Or perhaps you have a youngster or new horse and just want to know how to 'do it right' this time?


We are Derek and Jo Clark, founders of the Holistic Equitation Centre and creators of the Schooling Made Simple online teaching and coaching programme. We've spent the last 15 years showing riders how to build an amazing relationship with a sound and happy horse by working with their horse's nature instead of against it.

Our mission is to help people like you improve your skills and understanding, on the ground and under saddle, so you can make clear, consistent progress while riding and training your horse - whatever the level of your ambition.  

All our methods and techniques are built on profound respect for horses themselves which means we can show you how to school your horse efficiently and effectively, even to the highest levels, while also developing an amazing relationship that lets both your spirits shine.  


Develop a healthy, happy horse who loves their job with our online training and coaching programmes:

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